The Melbourne Sports Institute can provide your school or sporting organisation with reliable and dedicated referees and umpires for all of your sporting competitions. 

Our goal in supplying umpires and referees to Victorian schools, clubs and associations is to support our philosophies of opportunity, sportsmanship and fair-play. We endeavour to supply only the best umpires, to ensure that participants are receiving the fairest umpiring and most appropriate guidance for their level of expertise.

It is vital that any sporting competition a player participates in is safe, fair and an opportunity for them to demonstrate their current skills and facilitate further learning opportunities. Our officials are experienced in their field and are there to enhance the sporting experience for all involved. 

The procedure we employ with supplying umpires and referees is to have you email through or submit fixtures for the upcoming competition period via our request form. All fixtures are loaded into our system, allocated and confirmed with you. 

Using the Melbourne Sports Institute there is no risk of umpire or referee no shows. We contact the official to confirm attendance on the day and having an extensive database of staff means that we also have back-up resources available, if an umpire or referee pulls out unexpectedly.




If for any reason our officials do not meet your expectations, we guarantee a full refund on the fixture.

We pay all umpires and referees directly and invoice you at the conclusion of the competition period. This will save your coaches and staff carrying cash on them on game day and allows them to focus on what is important.
The Melbourne Sports Institute holds the following insurances to cover our officials and program participants:

  • Work Cover insurance in respect to all officials provided to the programs
  • Public liability insurance with a cover of $10 million.
  • Professional indemnity insurance with a cover of $2 million.



As with our coaching services, the Melbourne Sports Institute is able to provide umpires and referees for a wide range of sports and to suit a range of requirements. Our referees and officials are not only available for inter-school matches, but also elite, club and social competitions. 

Our rates for the provision of umpiring services are highly competitive and based on industry standards. Using the Melbourne Sports Institute for your sporting fixtures can be a highly cost-effective solution for your officiating requirements. Due to the length of matches and intricacies of each sport, there is some variation between the cost of umpires for each of the different sports.

Please contact our Umpire Coordinator for a full list of our umpiring rates.


If you wish to make a booking for Melbourne Sports Institute officials, it is as simple as filling in the details of your requirements using the form below.

Umpiring Request Form