Why I am informed to arrive 15 minutes before my match?
Umpires are expected to be at the game early to ensure that there is enough time to introduce themselves and have a short discussion with coaches and players. Some of the venues you may be asked to attend are extremely vast, so it is essential that you allow enough time to park and make your way to the correct ground, pitch or court.

What do I do if I am running late?
If you are running late for your scheduled game for any reason you must call the umpiring department immediately and let us know.

What happens if I don’t attend a fixture I am scheduled for?
Once you have confirmed to the Umpiring Department that you are taking the fixtures you are obligated to arrive as scheduled. If you do not attend a scheduled fixture then the school may have to forfeit the match and the students will lose their position on the ladder affecting their finals opportunities. This is unacceptable conduct for Melbourne Sports Institute staff and it will be acted on accordingly.

What do I do if the teams have not arrived at the ground by the allocated start time?
Call the Melbourne Sports Institute offices to confirm your fixture details on 0430466828. The teams have most likely have encountered a transport delay.

What if I have taken on a fixture but realise before the fixture date that I have another obligation that I cannot miss for the same day?
You must inform the Umpire Co-ordinator immediately if you do not think you will be able to make a scheduled match later in the week or month. Please note that you must provide 24 hours notice for any cancellations. 

When do I submit my timesheet?
Timesheets are paid fortnightly.

What if I only have one fixture for the month?
If you do not umpire for more than one week in the month then you can submit your timesheet at the conclusion of that week indicating clearly that there are no more fixtures for the month.

What are School Association regulations?
Each school plays in an Association competition and each of these Associations will have their own rules based on Victorian regulations for that sport. It is imperative that you read the Association regulations prior to umpiring/refereeing so that you officiate to the expected school standards.

Where can I find School Association regulations?
Navigate to the regulations page. If you are having any issues you can contact the Umpiring Department and you can have the regulations emailed to you.

Will my game still be running if it is raining?
You will be contacted by the Umpire Co-ordinator if and when your game has been cancelled.

Will I be paid if my game/s has been cancelled?
You will still be paid if your game is cancelled within 1hr of the scheduled start time. If you have multiple games, you will only be paid for the first game that was scheduled.
If your game is cancelled at the venue upon arrival you will still be paid for the game.

If my game is delayed will I be able to claim an additional umpiring fee?
The schools are dependent on other teams arriving by bus so occasionally games might start later and finish later than the scheduled times. Unfortunately you will not be able to claim additional umpiring time. If there are substantial delays then these will be paid.

What if I have problem with my payment?
Contact Accounts directly if you experience any issues with your payment at

Do I need a uniform to umpire/referee for the Melbourne Sports Institute?
You will need to wear either a Melbourne Sports Institute umpiring shirt or a standard industry uniform for your sport:
• Basketball: standard black and white top, black pants/shorts and whistle
• Netball: white skirt, white shirt and whistle
• Volleyball: Melbourne Sports Institute umpiring shirt and whistle
• Soccer: Melbourne Sports Institute umpiring shirt or FFV shirt, whistle and penalty cards
• Hockey: Melbourne Sports Institute umpiring shirt, whistle and penalty cards
• Football: Melbourne Sports Institute umpiring shirt, whistle, shorts
• Touch: Melbourne Sports Institute umpiring shirt, whistle
• Softball: Melbourne Sports Institute umpiring shirt or Softball Victoria, mask and counter
• Handball: Melbourne Sports Institute umpiring shirt, whistle
• Cricket: Melbourne Sports Institute umpiring shirt or white cricket shirt, counter

Where do I get a Melbourne Sports Institute uniform from if I don’t already have one?
Uniforms are available for purchase online at You can also obtain the penalty cards from the Melbourne Sports Institute offices. You will need to obtain all other uniforms and equipment from a sports retailer.

Is there any administration work or match report required after my match?
You may be required to sign a match report or score card.