Sporting Schools Programs

The Sporting Schools Program is a government-funded initiative, designed to help schools to increase children’s participation in sport, and to connect children with local sporting opportunities.

The Melbourne Sports Institute works extensively with Sport Australia promoting the benefits of sport participation to Victorian students by providing passionate and professional coaches to facilitate a range of Sporting Schools programs.

The primary aim of the Melbourne Sports Institute is to nurture the development of sport from grass roots to professional levels in Victoria, while embracing the targets of Sport Australia’s “Sport 2030 Plan” to:

  • Improve the physical and mental health of Australians through the benefits of sport, physical activity and greater social connectedness
  • Nurture personal development by encouraging students to try new sports, take on new challenges and set personal goals
  • Strengthen our communities by harnessing the social benefits of sport and connecting students with local sports clubs and opportunities to participate
  • Grow Australia’s economy by contributing to the already significant Australian sporting landscape and providing a positive working environment and development pathway for professional sports coaches

The Melbourne Sports Institute is accredited to facilitate the following Sporting Schools programs:

  • Badminton: Shuttle Time
  • Baseball: Aussie T-Ball & Baseball5
  • Cycling: Ride Nation – Skills / Confidence / Explore
  • Gymnastics: Launchpad!
  • Hockey: Hookin2Hockey
  • Squash: Oz Squash
  • Swimming: GoSwim
  • Table Tennis: Spinneroos
  • Volleyball: Spikezone

All primary & secondary (year 7 & 8) schools can apply for this funding for all terms of the year. Approved schools can use this funding for the provision/delivery of Sporting Schools programs before, during or after school.

Things to consider when selecting your sport: 

  • Weather - indoor / outdoor space requirements
  • Equipment & facilities available
  • Upcoming school events - Lightning premiership / interschool sports

Our coach’s goals are to improving children’s fundamental movement skills, foster a love of sport from a young age, provide high quality sporting programs, connect children with sport in their local communities and drive growth in sports participation.
To register for this funding simply go to and follow the prompts.

How to apply

There are a few simple steps to complete to apply for Sporting Schools funding for your school.

1. If you haven’t already, register your school on the Sporting Schools website
2. Check that you meet the funding eligibility requirements
3. Then, when funding is open, any of your registered school users can login to the school’s account and select ‘Manage Grants’ to start your application!

You'll find all the information you need to register and apply for funding on the SPORTING SCHOOLS WEBSITE

Schools are notified by email about their application and if successful, your funding will be transferred to the bank details provided through your Sporting Schools account.

You can make a tentative booking for your program with Melbourne Sports Institute while you wait for notification by completing this SPORTING SCHOOLS BOOKING FORM, or once you are approved, contact the Melbourne Sports Institute on 0405 505 463 or via to book your program.

When you enter the booking via the Online Sporting Schools Booking System, make a note in the comments that you have made a booking with the Melbourne Sports Institute.

Application open dates - 2022

  • Term 1, 2022: Monday 8 November 2021 (8 am AEDT) - Friday 19 November 2021 (4 pm AEDT)
  • Term 2, 2022: Monday 28 February 2022 (8 am AEDT) - Friday 11 March 2022 (8 pm AEDT)
  • Term 3, 2022: Monday 23 May 2022 (8 am AEST) - Friday 3 June 2022 (8 pm AEST)
  • Term 4, 2022: Monday 15 August 2022 (8 am AEST) - Friday 26 August 2022 (8 pm AEST)

Download a copy of our SPORTING SCHOOLS INFORMATION PACK or for further enquiries contact us on 0405 505 463.

Why use Melbourne Sports Institute as your coaching provider?

  • Flexibility to work within your budget
  • Expert, professional and passionate coaches
  • Personalised service with a dedicated Sporting Schools team
  • Ability to facilitate a range of programs
  • Strong connections with community sporting clubs
  • We are the team behind the team!

How to enter your booking via the SportAus Online Booking System: