Sporting Schools Programs

The Sporting Schools Program is a FREE government funded initiative program that is designed to help schools to increase children’s participation in sport, and to connect children with community sport.

The Melbourne Sports Institute works extensively with the Australian Sports Commission promoting school sport to Victorian students and we believe this is another invaluable opportunity for primary aged students to benefit from the experienced Melbourne Sports Institute coaches through this Government funded sports program. The primary aim of the Melbourne Sports Institute sports programs is to nurture the development of sport from grass roots to professional levels in Victoria while embracing Australian values of fair play, team unity and morals.

The Melbourne Sports Institute has been formally endorsed to participate in the running of the following Sporting Schools Programs:

• Hockey Australia – ‘Hookin2Hockey’
• Badminton Australia – ‘Shuttle Time’
• Baseball Australia – ‘Aussie T-Ball’
• Swimming Australia
• Volleyball Australia – ‘Spikezone’
• Gymnastics Australia  – ‘Launchpad!’
• Squash Australia – ‘Oz Squash’
• Table Tennis Australia  – ‘Tops!'

All primary schools throughout Australia can apply for this funding for all terms of the year. Approved schools will receive between $1300 and $3100 to be used for the provision/delivery of sport before during or after school to their students.

Please click below for more information on how you can spend your Sporting Schools Funding.

In order to register for this funding simply go to and follow the prompts.


Step 1) Contact the Melbourne Sports Institute on 0420 647 806 to book your program.

Step 2) You will be provided with the Sporting Schools Booking Form where you will be required to enter the details for your program request.

Step 3) Once you have confirmed your program request with the Melbourne Sports Institute you will be required to enter the booking via the Online Booking System.

How to enter your booking via the Online Booking System:

Step 1) Visit

Step 2) Login to your school account with your Sporting Schools email and password.

Step 3) Click on the Booking System tab and select View & Apply.

A list of the sports packages available will appear. You can search for a package that meets your needs by sorting, comparing and refining a sports package search. Once you have found a sports package that meets your needs, click APPLY.

Step 4) Complete the booking details.

Enter in the comments box that you have booked your program with the Melbourne Sports Institute and then proceed to complete the booking.

The school details (school name and booking contact) will be pre-populated based on your login details. To update a field, click the search icon at the right of the box.

Step 5) To add the session dates for your sports package click + Add
Select your first session date and start time and click
Repeat this process until all session dates for your package have been selected, then Click continue.

Step 6) Check and confirm your booking details are correct. Once satisfied with your booking, read the declaration statements and tick I Agree to accept the declaration. Click Submit Booking.

Download a copy of our Sporting Schools Information Pack or for further enquiries contact us on 0420 647 806.